Caterham recently unveiled this futuristic AeroSeven Concept – a small, sleek and beautiful supercar that will go from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in less than 4 seconds. It’s not in production yet though, so fans will need to wait.


The MyWorld lounge by Philippe Starck

Philippe Starck is a renowned design genius who’s build what appears to be a very awesome lounge system that’s designed for comfort and connectivity at the same time. The project was commissioned by Cassina, an Italian furniture manufacturer, who wanted a seating system that would work for anyone wanting to work, lay around or do both at the same time…


“We live in a schizophrenic society. Let’s assume that. MyWorld is a cocoon, a nest, a world where we can be egocentric and comfortably commune with our own shadow or collect some snatches of news from the world, that is said to be real.”

The MyWorld is available in a two-seater sofa, a three-seater sofa, an armchair, a chaise lounge, and pouf with two incorporated drawers. There are also tables, both side surfaces and freestanding, and box-cupboards that slide out.


Mercedes-Benz CLA 45 AMG

This four-door coupé is supposed to match that of the very successful CLS 63 AMG – the car that pretty much set the whole four-door coupé trend. Visually, I think the job has been done and one can safely say that it’s simply hot. Performance-wise, if you look at the specs, I think we can all agree that Merc have set a new benchmark in what’s becoming quite a competitive segment.

Read on for all the details, news release and loads of pics of course…

Stream the latest Daft Punk album, Random Access Memories, right here…

floppy disk table

Two awesome coffee tables for creative geeks

I was on the hunt for a new coffee table earlier this year. I swear, I literally visited every large and medium furniture outlet in the greater JHB area over two months or so until I finally settled on my vibe. I’m totally happy with what I got in the end, it’s right for my place. But I noticed something about furniture in SA: We’re very conservative. And the stores we imagine would be pushing the boundaries or exposing us to new, innovative and creative ideas don’t seem to be doing much.

So I do hope that some of them are taking notice of what is happening abroad. For example, this new Floppy Table. Inspired by the iconic floppy disk, the design certainly brings up childhood memories for anyone born before the 90′s, considering nobody has used one in years for the most part. Hand made in Germany, the Floppy Table is made of steel. How awesome?

floppy disk table

Next, I came across this 12:1 scale mixtape table which is available just in time for the cassette tape’s 50th anniversary and is made of high-grade Baltic birch plywood with maple veneer, solid American walnut, and features a hand-applied oil finish. If you look close you’ll see the glass top surface too. And just like a real cassette tape, the piece is completely reversible.mixtape table mixtape table

House music has always been close to me and I’ve always had a fascination with where it started and the history it represents. So when one of my favorite groups in the world begins creating hype for their new album I naturally get excited.

A few months ago Daft Punk randomly released this short clip on Saturday Night Live which set the music industry on fire – a simple loop of a new track that obviously meant one thing: a new album is on the way. And with a new label, Columbia.

This week the duo released a single, Get Lucky, from the new album using another short advert on Saturday Night live – check the video at the top of this post for that one.

At the same time their web site was updated with the announcement of their new album, Random Access Memories, which is is available for pre-order on iTunes right now. The albums full release date is expected on 21 May and I can hardly wait!

What really excites me is the collaborative nature of the new album which is revealed in a series of videos called “The Collaborator Series” on their web site. Check out the latest one that features Pharrell Williams and gives you a glimpse into what’s happening behind the scenes:

I love the track. What do you think of it?

Sometimes coffee is too hot. And then it gets cold a few minutes later. There’s a solution for both these problems called Coffee Joulies.

Joulies cool down your coffee and then keep it at the perfect temperature so you can enjoy your fine brew. How awesome (and sciency?)

They were invented by two Daves who were neighbors and classmates in Pennington, New Jersey. Working from opposite coasts for 8 months, they conceived, engineered, prototyped, and hand-produced the first run of Coffee Joulies so people like us could enjoy coffee at the perfect temperature for the rest of time.

They originally launched as a project on Kickstarter seeking $9500 to pay for some tooling. By the time the project ended on May 2 they had raised $306,944 earning them third place in the Kickstarter Hall of Fame and providing enough money to make Joulies in the USA.

Now you can get a set of 5 Joulies for only $49.95.

How do Coffee Joulies work?

Each polished stainless steel shell is filled with a special phase change material that melts at 60°C. Put them inside your coffee and they absorb heat when it is too hot and release it back into your coffee to keep it at the perfect temperature.

Coffee Joulies

This is a beautiful short film about a man, played by Glee’s Harry Shum, Jr., who is asked a simple question by his girlfriend:

How many have you loved?

Watch it to see his heartfelt answer. Then think about the people who have shaped your life and what your answer would be.

My biggest task as a trainer, working with people wanting to lose weight, is to get them to eat well. Training and exercise isn’t the main portion of effort required.

Many people, like Dale Imerman, come to me with the initial thought that they need to train in a certain way in order to lose their excess weight. Training keeps you motivated and is the physical expression of what you need to feel in order to achieve the goal of wanting to, and ultimately, lose weight.

Nutrition with regards to training or exercise is vital in all aspects – You need to fuel your body in order to have the energy to train.

The first thing my clients think is they need to go on a fad diet and then exercise and they will lose weight. But with weight loss it’s a little more complicated: There is a fine balance to limit the excess calories and intake the correct calories in order to take in less than one expends, but also to have the energy to perform and get through your day and your new training routine.

The type of food you take in affects blood sugars and that in turn affects which source of energy we expend in any particular activity. It does not help if you exercise so much that you are starving and then go home and eat badly with the premise that you have exercised enough to eat fatty fast foods. It’s actually crazy!

In order to lose weight it is what you eat that counts. One can do it purely with that as a consideration, without exercise.

  • Training gets your body into shape, allows function, ability and motion.
  • Diet is the key to body fat percentage, muscle tone, strength and energy.

Energy from the food we digest gives us life. Makes us move, feeds us to be able to do things, gives us the nutrients we need in order to have this life. Training doesn’t.

In order to have a holistic life you need a healthy diet in combination with a training regime of cardio and strategic weight training that offers the best all round solution.

Click here to see how easy it is to eat well and get 7 take-away tips to help you get on your way…

IM Lab torque desk

IM Lab release the Torque desk

Plain furniture sucks. So when I come across a unique twist on what is normally a boring and formal product, I have to share it with you…

This “Torque Desk” from IM Lab features some very nifty engineering in that all of the metal components that make it up have both a structural and functional purpose. Some of which you wouldn’t see at first glance…

It may just look like a leg folded on to a flat surface that’s supported by stack of drawers at the other end. But these are genius drawers! They rotate and are cantilevered around the “spine” which functions as a support, a pivot and a cable management system that seamlessly connects a floor point all the way up to the desk surface. A letter and pen holder, made from malachite, completes the design.

Click here to see how it looks when the gravity defying drawers open…