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Two awesome coffee tables for creative geeks

I was on the hunt for a new coffee table earlier this year. I swear, I literally visited every large and medium furniture outlet in the greater JHB area over two months or so until I finally settled on my vibe. I’m totally happy with what I got in the end, it’s right for my place. But I noticed something about furniture in SA: We’re very conservative. And the stores we imagine would be pushing the boundaries or exposing us to new, innovative and creative ideas don’t seem to be doing much.

So I do hope that some of them are taking notice of what is happening abroad. For example, this new Floppy Table. Inspired by the iconic floppy disk, the design certainly brings up childhood memories for anyone born before the 90′s, considering nobody has used one in years for the most part. Hand made in Germany, the Floppy Table is made of steel. How awesome?

Next, I came across this 12:1 scale mixtape table which is available just in time for the cassette tape’s 50th anniversary and is made of high-grade Baltic birch plywood with maple veneer, solid American walnut, and features a hand-applied oil finish. If you look close you’ll see the glass top surface too. And just like a real cassette tape, the piece is completely reversible.

Amazing Shark Cage Diving Tour

Visiting Cape Town on holiday, or are you just passing through? Either way you can have an adventure of a lifetime, shark cage diving. The experience is exhilarating and is guaranteed to get the adrenaline rushing through your veins. On this dive you will come face to face with the famous, Great White Shark. As this tour is only a one day excursion it makes it possible for nearly anyone to fit into their tight schedule. If you have the opportunity to do this dive, don’t miss out. The beauty of this experience is that you don’t need to have any diving experience. The safety record is also perfect, without a single major incident having been reported.

The only downside of this experience is that there is not a 100% guarantee that you will have a sighting of a great white shark on your particular dive. However, in the past, there are only a very few days in the year when this has happened so you will have a 97% chance of a sighting. The great white shark is fast becoming yet another endangered species in Africa. There are tour operators out there who are so certain that you will have your sighting, that if you do not they will offer you a free trip whenever it suits you. There is a preferred time for this tour, between April and September where the underwater visibility is at its best. You must also take into account that this tour is subject to weather conditions. This means that at any time when the weather is bad your trip could be postponed to a later date for your safety.

So what is involved and how does the tour work? On the day of your trip, if you do not have your own transport, you will be collected from your hotel, or living quarters, as early as 5 am. This offer will only apply to those that are situated in and around the Cape Town area. You will then be driven to the small coastal town of Gansbaai, where you will be served a delicious breakfast. This trip will only take about 2 hours. Then when everyone is ready you will be given instructions regarding the tour as well as a brief history about the Great White Sharks. You will then make your way to the boat which is moored in the Kleinbaai Harbour.[...] Read More

Is too much Technology dangerous for us Psychologically ?

The internet can be a great source of information and helpful to businesses for advertising. It can  make your life easy when it comes to purchasing goods or services. The internet can also be a place where people can get trapped in their addictions. No matter what type of addiction you have, if it is affecting your life, family and relationships it is time to take a closer look at your habits and maybe think about getting some help. I recently chatted with the owners of Liberty Home Rehab in Cape Town over a cup of coffee and gained some interesting insights into the threats posed by our rapidly increasing obsession with the internet and Social Media.

Liberty Home Rehab in Cape Town

The internet can be a place where many different kinds of addictions can be found:

Social media addiction

Having to check your Facebook messages and pages every five minutes?  Spending too much time on other platforms like, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp? Is it impacting your life in such a way as to be causing you negative social and relationship issues? Then you might have a social media addiction. It is time to take actions like reducing your online time or if it is really bad, seeking professional help.

Online compulsions

The internet has made it too easy to do many things. Online banking, online shopping, basically you can buy anything online without even leaving your home. Online compulsions can include anything from gambling online, online shopping, and trading stocks. Even auctions and bidding sites can be a lure to some people. It is difficult to resist an easy way to place a bet or buy an item you don’t need.

Cyber relationships

I hear of many people joining dating sites or having met someone online. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but when it starts to become an obsession, it should send up some red flags. Relationships online can have some negative consequences, especially if the online relationship becomes more important than those friends and family members who are physically around you.

Cyber-sex addiction

This form of addiction seems to becoming more prolific in our society. Cyber-sex addiction can involve pornography and other adult websites.  Cape Town rehab owners, Phillip and Morgane are both experienced in dealing with all forms of addiction, having personally struggled with their own demons. Personally I don’t think anybody should be watching such things, but others might disagree. So when needing to watch pornography and related websites becomes excessive and starts to interfere with your personal relationships, treatment should be considered. Other consequences can be jail if left untreated and you are found guilty of child pornography, which in my opinion is on a whole other level.[...] Read More

COOKOO watch connects smartphones with genuine benefits

There seems to be a whole lot of hype and innovation in the watch industry lately. Rumours are swirling and hype is feeding the race for the first connected and integrated watch. Personally I’m a fan of a traditional timepiece and think a watch should be what a watch is – a device designed to tell the time.

But there’s a hoard of tech-savvy folks out there who want their watch to be their phone, or their gate remote or whatever else a scientist can cram inside it. I’ve never quite got it and none of the devices in the media have captivated or made sense to me.

Until I came across COOKOO…

It’s a watch that keeps you connected to your mobile device, effectively an extension of your smartphone that helps you manage your life. The thinking is that your smartphone isn’t always at hand, but the COOKOO watch is.

I could see this simplifying my life. Being able to receive alerts and notifications from my smartphone, when I don’t have it in my hand is a bonus. And COOKOO does all of that, such as:

Incoming calls Missed calls Facebook messages and posts Calendar reminders Your device is out of range Low battery on iPhone or iPad Alarm and Timer alert

Plus there’s a command button that you can customise to do the things you want to do…

Check in on Facebook A remote for your phones camera A remote to play, pause & skip songs And more as their developer community grows.

What’s also appealing is that the watch doesn’t need to be charged. It uses a standard battery that lasts as long as a typical watch would.

The COOKOO goes for R1500.

Good marketers make good use of their leads

In some businesses many marketers also play a sales role. It’s more likely a trend in small to medium sized organisations because larger organisations would typically have a marketing team made up of a number of people with a range of skills covering the marketing mix. And sales remains the preverbal anchor tenant. Either way, marketing as an art and science really does need to deliver quantifiable data to aid both sales and the further refinement of the dynamic marketing strategy itself. Magic?

We’re able to do it. Using Marketing Technology.

It’s viable to have your marketing activities and engagements measured accurately and adjusted in realtime based on parameters that the business defines in a boutique strategy.

The system identifies opportunities to communicate with your customers in line with data it’s aiming to gather to populate it’s customer database of “fact sheets.” The marketing manager activates these new opportunities with white-label sales material that is reusable and consistent across all platforms.

This sales material uses the information in the customer database to offer strategic advice by presenting available variables (such as date, location or gender) to insert into communication, customer profiles (like commonalities, likelihoods and comparisons) to target archetypes and history log files (showing past interactions) for a 360 degree customer view – where it counts. And lastly, a revenue projection based on the opportunities being successfully activated. Which, when placed alongside a customer lifetime value, assists by suggesting three budget risk profiles in aid of spending marketing budgets more efficiently to reach customers and populate the customer database with additional data.

Using this additional data the process starts again and new opportunities are made available to activate.

Companies with access to the Marketing Technology system are making good use of their leads. Well, not just their leads – all available customer data. And the result is increased sales backed by targeted spend and solid data.