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Two awesome coffee tables for creative geeks

I was on the hunt for a new coffee table earlier this year. I swear, I literally visited every large and medium furniture outlet in the greater JHB area over two months or so until I finally settled on my vibe. I’m totally happy with what I got in the end, it’s right for my place. But I noticed something about furniture in SA: We’re very conservative. And the stores we imagine would be pushing the boundaries or exposing us to new, innovative and creative ideas don’t seem to be doing much.

So I do hope that some of them are taking notice of what is happening abroad. For example, this new Floppy Table. Inspired by the iconic floppy disk, the design certainly brings up childhood memories for anyone born before the 90′s, considering nobody has used one in years for the most part. Hand made in Germany, the Floppy Table is made of steel. How awesome?

Next, I came across this 12:1 scale mixtape table which is available just in time for the cassette tape’s 50th anniversary and is made of high-grade Baltic birch plywood with maple veneer, solid American walnut, and features a hand-applied oil finish. If you look close you’ll see the glass top surface too. And just like a real cassette tape, the piece is completely reversible.