There seems to be a whole lot of hype and innovation in the watch industry lately. Rumours are swirling and hype is feeding the race for the first connected and integrated watch. Personally I’m a fan of a traditional timepiece and think a watch should be what a watch is – a device designed to tell the time.

But there’s a hoard of tech-savvy folks out there who want their watch to be their phone, or their gate remote or whatever else a scientist can cram inside it. I’ve never quite got it and none of the devices in the media have captivated or made sense to me.

Until I came across COOKOO…

It’s a watch that keeps you connected to your mobile device, effectively an extension of your smartphone that helps you manage your life. The thinking is that your smartphone isn’t always at hand, but the COOKOO watch is.

I could see this simplifying my life. Being able to receive alerts and notifications from my smartphone, when I don’t have it in my hand is a bonus. And COOKOO does all of that, such as:

  • Incoming calls
  • Missed calls
  • Facebook messages and posts
  • Calendar reminders
  • Your device is out of range
  • Low battery on iPhone or iPad
  • Alarm and Timer alert


Plus there’s a command button that you can customise to do the things you want to do…

  • Check in on Facebook
  • A remote for your phones camera
  • A remote to play, pause & skip songs
  • And more as their developer community grows.

What’s also appealing is that the watch doesn’t need to be charged. It uses a standard battery that lasts as long as a typical watch would.

The COOKOO goes for R1500.